Top-Notch Quality CBD Bath Salts For A Relaxing Bath

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Island Therapeutics is always the first name that crosses your mind while aiming toward CBD bath salts, and there are good reasons behind it. We have been in this field, manufacturing top-notch quality CBD bath salts for the longest period.

We are proud to provide some of the best Cowichan Valley origins. We have specialized in handmade CBD transdermal patches, CBD instilled healing remedies and other natural health products. We have already established ourselves to be the trusted producer within the said cannabis industry.

CBD bath salts

Why are we the best?

  • We are known to offer locally grown and sourced materials, ingredients, and compounds for making handcrafted items with unparalleled quality.
  • For sustaining precise dosage, we use non-alcoholic cannabis tinctures as our widely used and trusted solution.
  • Even with our rapidly expanding product line, we have still inspired daily to continue with our research and develop the best handmade cannabis remedies like bath salts!

CBD bath salt is the most relaxing bathing experience ever:

We believe that anyone can get highly benefited from a CBD bath. Whether you had a long day, strenuous travel, or an intense workout, our CBD Infused bath salts are able to provide the ultimate restorative reset and then promote a calming sense of well-being. And don’t you worry! Taking a bath with our CBD bath salts won’t get you high! It will just relax your mind and help you get a good night’s sleep!

Helping you with anti-inflammatory benefits:

There are so many benefits that CBD is known for, and its anti-inflammatory properties are the ones to watch out for. CBD is widely used for inflammation, which is really at the root of any issue with skin.

  • Whether you are suffering from any kind of skin itchiness, pain, or eczema, bathing with our CBD-infused bath salts will cover the drill well.
  • Dissolving our CBD-infused items into hot water and then soaking in it will help expedite the process of CBD absorption into the skin and bloodstream right through the pores.

Make your bath even more relaxing:

We welcome you to come and try out CBD bath salts to make your bathing experience even more relaxing. These salts will help in delivering many minerals, promote healing, and are also considered great for soreness after a workout.

  • A perfect combination of hot water, CBD, essential oils, and relaxation will soothe your mind and nerves and will help you to relax after a long and tiring day at work!
  • The biggest benefit of CBD infused bath is that it helps in relaxing and decompressing, to ease out the inflammation and musculoskeletal pain for soothing angry skin conditions.

CBD gets absorbed well within your skin:

It’s not hard to state that your skin absorbs CBD more efficiently.  Compared to taking just a few drops of CBD tincture orally, you can let it absorb topically to have more direct and quicker results.

  • Just like with any other ingredient or nutrient applied to the skin, absorption into the bloodstream will always be faster than oral ingestion.
  • While a topical CBD balm, cream, or oil might be an idea to calm localized inflammation, adding CBD to the bath will expose the entire body to it for a systemic effect.

CBD bath is beneficial in various ways:

CBD is considered miraculous not because of what it does but because it is a malleable ingredient. This compound works on different bodily systems. It touches on mood, anxiety, sleep disorders, and all the other variants of your life.

Natural and plant-derived ingredients to work in conjunction with soothing bathing items:

CBD bath is not dunking you into a tub of chemicals. CBD works subtly and in a natural way and tandem with chosen bathing products’ multiple therapeutic ingredients. It is all about blending herbs and CBD.

Our verified CBD bath salts will include pore-opening and detoxifying sulfur, which will allow the other minerals of the product and herbs to seek inside the pores deeper and quicker.

So, it is always important to get your hands on the best CBD bathing salts from us at Island Therapeutics, and there is no need to look anywhere else. For some more details and the kinds of products we have in store, feel free to click at now!

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