200mg Assorted CBD Gummies

Deco Leaf

Enjoy the benefits of CBD without having to endure the oily consistency and taste of tinctures. Our delicious CBD Gummies offer a fun new way to get your daily dose of CBD goodness.

These sweet and flavourful gummies include 20 mg of  CBD. These assorted gummies don’t contain any trace of THC. That means no psychoactive reactions—only soothing relaxation. Easy to chew and quickly absorbed, you’ll start noticing the effect in no time. So whether you’re starting your day, taking an afternoon break, or unwinding in the evening, just chew a gummy and chill!

  • ●  Pack of 10 gummies
  • ●  Includes favorites like cola bottles, worms, fuzzy peaches, sour keys, watermelons, andmore
  • ●  20mg CBD per gummy
  • ●  Total 200mg per pack



Weight 9.8 g
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 11 cm


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